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March 13, 2005
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.You will rem-ember me. by j00leh .You will rem-ember me. by j00leh
Whew! I started today, and I *FINISHED* today! That's because I had a blast drawing it! I was so pissed though...I didn't know what pose to draw first, so I sketched stuff for a THOUSAND times, and nothing looked good, then I sketched this...You have *NO* idea how hard it was for me to draw the pose, but I did it ;D it doesn't look like a hard pose though...But it is! Hah. I love this picture, I'm quite happy with it! And the reason I am, is because it actually *looks* like Ember.

What can I say? The song inspired me! I mean, it has such a deep meaning to it...Which I love so much! Because they NEVER spend any time on songs for any shows (like episodes) but they actually did for Danny Phantom! I was pissed that they cut off so much of the song in Fanning the Flames :/ but really, what happened to her? I'm guessing she killed herself, because of a person, *sigh* my poor Ember :( whos the fuckah' that hasn't been calling her for two weeks?! XD You see, I REALLY want to know more to the story! That's why they have to make another episode...I would REALLY like it. I'm sick of Vlad, I hate him. And the other stupid villains like: skulker, and er. I don't like any of the villains, except for: JohnyxKitty, Spectra, Desiree (or however you spell it). Yeah. That's just me though :/ *the obsessive Ember freak* haha!

picture meaning:
I guess this is Ember right after she dies, and ends up in the ghost zone, she is frightened because she has never seen a place like that, not knowing where to go or what to do. Still the words going around in her head, about that "person", because of him she died, and because of him she ends up at that place.

I dedicate this to all the Ember fans over here! I know you love her ;3 I shall be drawing more of her! (mhm) And I need to start working on my manga...Which *IS* based on Ember. I'm still deciding if it should actually be a "manga" or a "comic" it takes me a while to get Danny style right, in anime I always do better...But it would LOOK better if I draw it in Danny Phantom style! Err. I'm thinking about it...

Comments are much appreciated! :kiss:

Ember [c] Butch Hartman
Fan-Art [c] me
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yume93 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2007
aww cute and sad TT_TT n.n :+fav:
NekoShiney Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2007
It look nice! ~Scratch that~ oresum! I know I spellt tat wrong, I'm just... -Happy- 8D
:clap: :tux: :sleep: :tux: :clap:
ed00 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2007
when i shae the ember eposod i thoute she was sad. i just cant relly not like her and wish she was happy.
Lisa-24-7 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2007
WOW that is amazing
Madbird-Valiant Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2006
the writing is a bit too small..
16Yashiro Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2006
Beautiful Drawing!
Aq215 Featured By Owner May 16, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
poor thing..*huggles8 Xp
Dragga Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2006
She looks like she's panicking...and I agree with you on the issue of her background. She's my favorite villain from the series, but they just made her seem so random. She just pops up, takes control, then gets beaten. No history or anything. Like why did she want to control people. If you ever want to exchange ideas on it, feel free to note me or something. Almost forgot! I like the use of the lyrics. They look as if they're her thoughts running through her mind.
Hikaru-Amagotchi Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2005   Digital Artist
Er, some of the lyrics are wrong, I found the whole song on an official transcript site a while ago, and listened to the whole thing on the TimPod(On Butch Hartman's site ^^), but that's okay. It's a great drawing, I usually have trouble with poses like that! xD I can draw the flamy hair either >>
Hikaru-Amagotchi Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2005   Digital Artist
*I mean, I CAN'T draw the flamey hair either.

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